A walking brainstorm

There should be a super picture here, but something went wrong.

After too much coffee, too much brainstorming, too much post-its and too much buzzwords in one day, a bit of fresh air does wonders. So, that’s when I took this picture in the beautiful landscape of the Holland Dunes.

I attended a 4 day workshop about co-creation, organized by Society Waag. The workshop was held in an old summer colony house near the beach. It used to be a holiday home for orphanages in Amsterdam. A great location to work with an international company. And during the breaks we did some nice walks.

During the walks with my colleague, we could summarize the theory we saw. The fresh environment made us talk in a different way about our assignment. Less formal, but still on the topic. We talked about our ideas during the walk, and when we were  almost at the end of the walk, we started to summarise and made decisions.

So, once we got back in the house, we started on our assignment: creating a roadmap for the project. This map gives us a guideline for the 3 year project.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

And sometimes you have to take a walk with your colleague to take steps in the right direction.

Oh…did you see that little person with a megaphone in her hand and a ‘K’ on her shirt? That’s me in the roadmap. My mamma is gonna be so proud!

Karen Soens is a communication strategist. She loves strong coffee & communication. She believes that communication should be designed from bottom-up. She’s a part-time researcher at LUCA, School of Arts for MUV. She has an agency ‘De Bosduif‘ that designs communication plans for social profit organizations.