I’m a big big girl in a big big world

Wauw, this is a pretty cool pic of myself. I’m attending the Conference of Civitas in Portugal. However, I you had told me 3 months ago that I would be standing in front of the Civitas display, I would have asked: ‘What the hell is Civitas*? ‘ So, how did I get here?

I’m present as a researcher of LUCA, School of Arts. I’m working on the researchproject MUV2020. Yesterday I presented the communication strategy to the partners in the project. Me & my colleagues Ingwio & Inge organized the kick-off of the Communication work package. You can see about it in this blogpost.

So, to be honest, I’m completely new in this context of Innovative Research. But that makes it more interesting, doesn’t it? Getting a glimpse of research communication is for me, as a communication strategist, very interesting.  So, I’ll be writing my impressions down in blogpost (like this one) about communicating research. Meanwhile trying to make research projects  and it’s results more accessible, readable and understandable for a broader audience.

*CIVITAS is an initiative of the European Union to implement sustainable, clean and (energy) efficient urban transport measures.

Karen Soens is a communication strategist. She loves strong coffee & communication. She believes that communication should be designed from bottom-up. She’s a part-time researcher at LUCA, School of Arts for MUV. She has an agency ‘De Bosduif‘ that designs communication plans for social profit organizations.